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The final check before your manuscript is ready to publish.

Copy Edit

Identifying and making the final improvements to your manuscript.

Comprehensive Edit

Crafting and shaping your manuscript to lift it to the next level.

Book Formatting

Creating a beautiful layout for the text of your published book.


Have Your Manuscript Meticulously Checked For Errors

After spending so much time and effort creating your manuscript you want to send it out into the world as polished and error-free as possible. It's a wise move to have it proofread by a professional who knows what to look for. Your manuscript is important to you and you want to be confident that you're presenting it at its best.

Proofreading of your manuscript includes correcting errors in spelling, punctuation, consistency, and elements of formatting, as well as ensuring that sentences are grammatically correct.

Copy Edit

Get Assistance to Ensure the Maximum Effectiveness of Your Writing

You're happy with the content and structure of your manuscript, it's almost complete. In addition to a final proofread, you'd like some feedback and suggestions for improving the clarity and flow of your sentences.

Perhaps some of your word choices could be better, and the organisation or construction of sentences could be clearer.

You want an editor who can help you make the changes that ensure your language is understandable, a pleasure to read, and makes an impact on your readers.

Comprehensive Edit

Get Assistance to Improve the Substance of Your Book

You may have completed your first draft, or you're still working on it. You need help to develop your ideas, shape your story, and craft your writing. You're not sure what's working and what's not. Is it the plot or the characters that need tweaking? Does the story need more conflict or more emotion? Is the dialogue believable? What are your strengths, and what elements of the craft do you need to work on? Is your writing too passive, or too flowery? Is your language effective?

These are the kinds of questions a comprehensive edit can answer for you.

Book Formatting

Get a Beautiful, Professional Layout for the Text of Your Book

Your manuscript is complete and ready to go. You want to publish, but don't know how to format it for an e-book or paperback book. You need it formatted correctly so that it meets professional standards, and works properly on all those different electronic devices used by readers.


What these Authors Say about Me

Tom E. Moffatt

Author of Barking Mad


Dante & Ceaira Cassleman

Home Buyer

"I highly recommend The Story Polisher. My manuscript had been through several edits and proofreads, and despite being quietly confident that there were no mistakes, I thought I’d get one more pair of eyes to go over it. And I’m so glad I did! The Story Polisher found four or five glaring errors that were missed by other professionals, as well as far too many inconsistencies and formatting issues. She finished the whole job within 48-hours, her communication was exceptional and the price very reasonable. I will certainly be getting all my manuscripts polished from now on."

Marj Griffiths

Author and Journalist

"I recommend having your manuscript brought to life by Vicki. Her thoughtful suggestions will enhance your literary work. She is a skilled and accurate proof reader: thorough, meticulous and efficient. You'll find her to be knowledgeable, reliable, and encouraging. Her support, and contributions to the Rotorua Writers Group have been valuable, and appreciated by our members."

Mollie Smith


"I've had Vicki critique some of my writing. Her feedback has always been spot-on, she's caught all kinds of mistakes, and offered suggestions on pacing, tension, and character development -- and better still, she offered honest feedback in a way that left me feeling energised and ready to tackle those edits. I love working with her. I was fortunate enough to work with Vicki on formatting an anthology for a local writers group. Her professionalism in making sure that their ebook was formatted correctly was second-to-none. She offered suggestions, listened to feedback, and made sure that the manuscript shined and was free of any errors. Can't recommend her enough."

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