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You'll Have a Professional Manuscript or Document that Communicates Effectively and Makes an Impact on Your Readers

In addition to thoroughly proofreading your document, I'll provide feedback on your language and sentence construction. I'll offer suggestions and examples to improve the clarity and flow of your writing.



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You Need Assistance to Finalise Your Manuscript or Document

You've worked hard on your manuscript or document and it's nearing completion. You're happy with its content and structure, but feel that it isn't quite ready for public eyes. It needs a little more work to bring it to the next level. 

You have a feeling there might be better words to express exactly what you mean. There are sentences that haven't come out quite right and you know they could be clearer. Sometimes the flow seems a bit awkward or the language too waffly. You need help to bring those dull, passive sentences to life with fresh, vivid, active language.

You don't want your readers to give up on your book before they've reached the end of the first page. You want them to be as excited to read your masterpiece as you were to write it. It's your gift to them and you want it to be received with joy.

When I copy edit your manuscript or document, I'll evaluate your sentences and paragraphs to identify issues with vocabulary, language and organisation. I'll provide suggestions and examples to show you how to re-craft your writing, and give explanations for the necessary changes.

You'll not only have a clearer, livelier text that is pleasurable to read, you'll have gained new insights and skills to utilise in your future writing. 


How my Copy Edit Will Make Your Manuscript or Document Clear and Pleasurable to Read



Tell Me What You Need and Book Your Copy Edit

Complete a form giving me the details of your manuscript or document. I'll need to know the type of document I'll be working on, how big it is, and other information that will help me understand what is required. Things like: What is the purpose of this manuscript? Who is your intended audience? Do you have a style guide preference?

Once I have a good idea of what you need, and your timeline for the project, I'll confirm your booking. 


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Send Me Your Manuscript or Document

Send me your document in your preferred format. You can send electronic documents or paper copy. 

I'll work methodically through a comprehensive checklist to proofread and copy edit your work. Your typos, spelling and punctuation errors, grammar, and formatting issues will be corrected or noted by marking changes in your document. 

To make changes in sentences I'll either directly alter them in the document or add comments at the side, giving alternative options, explanations and examples.

I'll provide a brief report, highlighting consistent issues for your attention, with advice and feedback that you'll find helpful for your future writing. 

I'll keep in touch with you through the process so that any queries can be quickly addressed and to keep you informed of progress. 



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Your Manuscript or Document is Returned

Once the copy edit is complete, I'll return your document to you for your perusal. You'll finalise your document by making the corrections and suggested alterations. Make sure you allow time to complete this work when you're considering the deadline for your project. 

You'll have a manuscript or document that you can present or publish, confident that it is a high quality professional document, containing language that is clear, flowing, and fresh. You'll make a positive impact on your readers.


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Bring Your Manuscript to the Next Level with a Professional Copy Edit

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What these Authors Say about Me

Author Tom  E. Moffatt
Tom E. Moffatt Author of Barking Mad
I highly recommend The Story Polisher. My manuscript had been through several edits and proofreads, and despite being quietly confident that there were no mistakes, I thought I’d get one more pair of eyes to go over it. And I’m so glad I did! The Story Polisher found four or five glaring errors that were missed by other professionals, as well as far too many inconsistencies and formatting issues. She finished the whole job within 48-hours, her communication was exceptional and the price very reasonable. I will certainly be getting all my manuscripts polished from now on.
Marj Griffiths
Marj Griffiths Author and Journalist
I recommend having your manuscript brought to life by Vicki. Her thoughtful suggestions will enhance your literary work. She is a skilled and accurate proof reader: thorough, meticulous and efficient. You'll find her to be knowledgeable, reliable, and encouraging. Her support, and contributions to the Rotorua Writers Group have been valuable, and appreciated by our members.
Mollie Smith Author
I've had Vicki critique some of my writing. Her feedback has always been spot-on, she's caught all kinds of mistakes, and offered suggestions on pacing, tension, and character development -- and better still, she offered honest feedback in a way that left me feeling energised and ready to tackle those edits. I love working with her. I was fortunate enough to work with Vicki on formatting an anthology for a local writers group. Her professionalism in making sure that their ebook was formatted correctly was second-to-none. She offered suggestions, listened to feedback, and made sure that the manuscript shined and was free of any errors. Can't recommend her enough.

Frequently Asked Questions for Copy Edit

  • Will my original document be changed after a copy edit?
    • Changes will be marked within your document using track changes, so you will have the option of accepting the changes, or rejecting them and keeping the original text. 

  • Can I book a copy edit if I'm not an author or professional writer?
    • Yes! Anyone can book a copy edit for their work. 

  • What if I have questions or need clarification about my copy edit?
    • You can contact me to ask any questions or seek clarification about your copy edit.

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