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Books by Vicki Arnott  


The Crystal Bluebird

Cover of The Crystal Bluebird

Moving into the big old homestead her family had inherited was an adventure for Mary. Though neglected, the house was grand, and full of intriguing objects like chandeliers and antique furniture. Imaginative Mary wandered through the rooms, exploring, dreaming, and making up stories.

Then she found a crystal necklace and a story left behind by her elderly Aunt B. A story of a stolen magical bluebird, a trapped queen and a lost princess.

When Mary and her siblings, Ron and Kassandra, added to the story and drew pictures on the story map, they opened a doorway into a fantasy land where their Aunt’s story was real, and their pictures had come alive and were causing problems!

Trapped by the magic of the bluebird and enlisted by a grumpy Queen’s Guard who insisted they undo the damage they had caused, they had no choice but to obey, while they tried to find a way back home.

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Between Stars

Between Stars Cover

Being abducted by aliens was bad. Getting snatched up along with the most irritating, know-all and annoyingly popular girl in your class was even worse.

Sage’s year wasn’t going well. Insufferable class-mate, Julia, a pushy mother, a distant father, and unobtainable dreams made life very un-perfect. Who would guess that being abducted by aliens would make her problematic life seem desirable?

Now Sage and Julia are on a space ship speeding across the galaxy with a strange group of aliens. Are their abductors friends or foe? Why are they so elusive about their destination?

The answers to Sage’s questions point to an ominous fate.

Can she and Julia deal with aliens, each other, and find a way back home? Can they prevent a sinister alien from learning about Earth? Because if they don’t, they may not have a home to return to.

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Christmas Crackers

Christmas Crackers Cover

Something strange falls out of a Christmas cracker. An elf goes missing and doesn’t want to come home. An earnest young elf can’t control his magic. A powerful elf grows tired of Christmas and her magic becomes tainted. A magical Christmas realm is in danger of being discovered by humans. Can these problems be solved in time for Christmas? Magic, elves, and mayhem. If you love uplifting and heart-warming Christmas stories, you’ll love this collection of short stories packed with magic and Christmas cheer.

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